The words "I", "me" and "my" mean any identified Customer who signs or similarly authenticates this Authorization for Recurring Electronic (ACH) Payments in connection with my designated motor vehicle retail installment contract or promissory note (the "Contract"). The terms "you" and "your" mean Regional Acceptance Corporation and its assigns, successors and designated service providers. The electronic funds transfer system I use to initiate transactions to my deposit account is called the Automated Clearing House ("ACH").

I authorize you to initiate recurring ACH charges (debits) to my deposit account in the amounts and on the dates I select when enrolling in this automatic payment program, until the earlier of the date the Contract is paid in full or the ACH charges are cancelled by me, by my depository institution or by you. If the date that I select for my recurring ACH charges is the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, then I authorize you to initiate these charges on the last day of any shorter month, such as February, that does not have the exact date that I selected.

I authorize you to apply the funds you receive in payment of my Contract and I authorize you to provide a copy of this Authorization to my depository institution upon its request. I understand and agree these ACH charges may be made to my deposit account on the next business day after any ACH payment date that falls on a weekend, holiday or other day when you or depository institutions are not open for business. I authorize you, if necessary, to initiate electronic credit entries by ACH at any time to correct any errors you might make.

Cancelling Payments and Other Terms:
I understand and agree that you may cancel these ACH charges to my deposit account at any time and for any reason, without giving me advance notice. Even if this happens, I must still make my Contract payments on or before the due dates scheduled in the Contract. I understand and agree that I am responsible for completing timely payments of my Contract, regardless of my method of payment. I may cancel my authorization to make ACH charges to my deposit account at any time either by notifying you or by notifying my depository institution. I will allow the party I notify a reasonable period of time, up to three (3) business days, to process my cancellation request. I will contact my depository institution directly if I have questions about how to cancel ACH charges through my depository institution. To notify you of any ACH cancellation request or any ACH charge I believe was made in error, I understand that I may either write to you at Regional Acceptance Corporation, 266 Beacon Drive, Winterville NC 28590, call you at 866-644-7687, or log in and use your website at or the RAC Auto mobile application and select the payment services feature and follow the instructions there for submitting cancellation requests. I agree that my authorized ACH transactions comply with all applicable law (including but not limited to laws administered by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control) and with NACHA Rules and Guidelines.

By clicking "Accept", I agree to all terms and conditions in this Authorization for Recurring Electronic (ACH) Payments as of the date shown and agree that I received a completed copy of this form from you. I will keep a copy of this Authorization with my credit and deposit account records.